HDX 7000 HD Green camera image

Chris Neighbors
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HDX 7000 HD Green camera image

I have a HDX 7000 HD System. Default password and any passwords that it may have been would not let me into system. Factory reset the system, which downgraded to firmware 2.6, I was able to upgrade to newest system software 3.1.14. Upon factory resetting the system the camera image is green, I thought upgrading to current firmware would fix the issue, the system is able to identify the camera as eagleeye III, but the image of the camera is still green. The color is correct on menus, etc... 

Have tried rebooting multiple times, reseating connections, re-identifying camera. factory reset and push fresh firmware.

current setup is. 

Eagleeye III

system software - 3.1.14-56008

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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KK Sky
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Re: HDX 7000 HD Green camera image

Hi there,

I am thinking that it may be a bad pin or a short on the camera cable. If you've re-seated the cable already and no change, that would be my next best guess...

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