HDX 7000 External camera inputs

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HDX 7000 External camera inputs


I have a request to provide a camera feed about 100 feet away from the Polycom 7000 unit in another room to record a large group presentation.  I use pro cameras with HD-SDI connectors.  Is there a way to input HD signals instead of composite or S-VHS inputs to the Polycom?

I have a switcher and converters.  I could even send the signal wirelessly in HD but I don't know what cable signal is used for the built in camera.  Thanks for your help.

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Re: HDX 7000 External camera inputs

1. HDX series systems uses component YPbPr format for main camera input.

2. You can use HDCI break-out cable to connect video from your camera. Of course this video has to be converted to component format.

3. Please note that HDX 7000 uses EagleEye IR receiver for control. So when using third party camera as the main one you'll loose ability to use IR remote. You could use web interface or Polycom Touch Control for management.

4. You can use your camera as the second camera connected to Input 3 using DVI-I format.

5. More details can be found in the HDX Admin's Guide and Integrator's Reference Manual >>> here <<<.


Hope this could help.



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