HDX 7000 Content input from VGA Splitter

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HDX 7000 Content input from VGA Splitter

Hello Community! :)


I'm having some trouble figuring out why a certain content input setup isn't working.


I have a VGA cable going to the DVI computer input via a VGA to DVI adapter. At various resolutions, this works well and inputs the content with no problem.


If I try to put a VGA splitter between the computer and the Polycom unit (with one of the splits going to the Polycom, the second to a projector (for redundancy)), the Polycom unit says it can't detect input and says to check the resolution. This doesn't work at any resolution, specifically 1023x768x60.


I'm using a cheap basic VGA splitter (one of those beige colored ones). I've tested it with an identical one to no avail. Is there a specific type I should use for this to work?

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Re: HDX 7000 Content input from VGA Splitter

My experience has been that any kind of splitters or even scalers don't work with HDX 7000. Only direct connect from computer. It's very picky with input signals :(

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Re: HDX 7000 Content input from VGA Splitter

You are wrong... My over ten years experience  has been that no problem with Kramer/Extron/Gefen DA/Switchers/Matrix Swithers/Twisted Pair Interfaces/Scalers/etc. Don't use cheap one and all will be OK.

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