HDMI output from EEDII?

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HDMI output from EEDII?


We have a RPG500 codec and EEDII cameras. HDCI output working fine.


With the cameras switched on, the HDMI output from the EEDII appears to be blank (when connected to the HDMI input of a screen or via a dongle to USB input on a PC). Any way to fix?

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Karthik  Sivaram
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Re: HDMI output from EEDII?

hi Plangley,

1) What software version are you running on the RPG500?
If this is an older version of software then upgrade it to the latest version.

2) Connect the HDMI cable to a portable monitor and test to use if the output comes on the screen . This will help you understand if the problem is with the HDMI cable , HDMI port or the Eagle Eye Director.

Hope this helps!
Karthik Sivaram

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Re: HDMI output from EEDII?



It turns out the HDMI in/out is just a loop-through.

HDMI-in is looped through to HDMI-out.

HDMI-out is not he camera output.


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