Group Series firmware upgrade

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Group Series firmware upgrade


I have a group 700 series endpoint that currently has S/w 4.1. on it, I have version 5.0 available. However, It does not appear to read the firmware from the USB stick.

I Can web browse to the IP address, and I have the 5.0 release key, but when I go to the software upgrade page, it attempts to upgrade to the latest available (6.2.2).

How can I force it to upgrade to the specific 5.0 firmware version??

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Re: Group Series firmware upgrade

You'll have to save your 5.0 upgrade key in a text file as sw_keys.txt and place it in the root directory of the USB storage device together with 5.0 software package.

You'll find the instructions in the admin guide:

Update System Software from a USB Storage Device
You can use a USB storage device to update one or multiple systems with a setup wizard to guide you
through the process.
The setup wizard is available during initial setup, after a system reset with system settings deleted, or
after using the factory restore button.
If the system is paired with a Polycom touch device, you cannot use the touch device USB port to update
the system software. If you use your system within a DoD environment, be sure to contact your
Information Assurance Office (IAO) for approval before using a USB device with your system.
1. If you are updating to a major or minor release (x.y), obtain keys (.txt) for each system that you
want to update from the Polycom website.
2. Save the text file as sw_keys.txt and place it in the root directory of the USB storage device.
3. Open a browser and navigate to Polycom Support.
4. Under Documents and Downloads, select Telepresence and Video.
5. Navigate to the page that has the desired update for your system.
6. Save a software package (.tar) file from the Polycom website to the root directory of a USB
storage device.
7. Connect the USB storage device to the USB port on the back of the system.
The system detects the USB storage device and prompts you to confirm that you want to update
the software.
8. Click OK.
Follow the setup wizard instructions to complete the update.

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Re: Group Series firmware upgrade

For upgrading to 6.2.2 you'll have to purchase a service-reactivation (depending on the out-of-support coverage perios) together with a new support service (e.g. Premier), see attached pic.