Group Series and TMS

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Group Series and TMS

Hi there! We have a couple of Group 500's deployed (alongside Cisco endpoints as well). We currently use TMS for management -- but we do have one conference scheduled in there every week. We have no issues with TMS managing the Group (set up as a room) but when the conference is scheduled to begin and TMS calls the endpoint,  the quality of video is horrendous. LIke 64k bandwidth, 140x120 resolution bad. If I disconnect and reconnect that room it is fine. We have never come across a repeatable interop problem with the Polycom system and the Cisco infrastructure that we run, except for this.


We are using a Tandberg 8500/8510 bridge in there, so this is the only Polycom device in the chain. I know it's a long shot but has anyone else ever run into this?


I'm also asking Cisco -- but have a feeling they are going to point the finger at Polycom. 


All systems have most up to date software and work flawlessly otherwise. 

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Re: Group Series and TMS

I talked to the Product Manger and they asked if you would please open an escalation on this.  So call your support provided and have the open a ticket with Polycom.  Please send me the Service Report number in a private message.



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