Group Series 500 - Content Sharing freezes

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Group Series 500 - Content Sharing freezes

Hi all!


We have a few Group Series 500's and 310s and when we do any content sharing e.g. sharing desktop via a SIP call many times the stream does the following:

-Content sharing freezes mid stream and does not pickup again

-Content sharing video quality is low and latency between source device (e.g. laptop sharing content) and the poly is slow


We also tried configuring BFCP to use TCP and noticed some improvment with screensharing we're still getting the content sharing freezes and increasing Content prioties without much improvement (putting content priority to a higher value say 6 does make content sharing faster but content sharing still freezes constantly).


Is there any port forwarding required for BFCP? Any way can we increase the resolution of BFCP content being shared?

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