Group Series 500 Certificate Error

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Group Series 500 Certificate Error

When I access the web interface via IE 11 I get "Certificate Error".


It doesn't really bother me but I have a customer with the same issue and they want to know why.


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Re: Group Series 500 Certificate Error

As always it is necessary to provide some details about the system, in this case what is the software that you are running on the system?


It could be a self-signed cert warning. It could be something related to SHA1. Most likely one of those, but also could be something else. 



This is most likely because the EP is still using the default self-signed certificates. If the customer does not want to run self-signed certs, they can install certs from their preferred CA. (as documented in admin guides) If self-signed certificates meet their needs, they can install the certificates into their trusted certificates repository. There are different steps required based on browser and OS so they should consult the OS and browser documentation.



Using a 6.1.0 build of GS with IE11 and the error is like in the attachment certificate error.png. If that’s what is referred to, it’s due to the self-signed certificate and fits the second category, “The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.”



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Re: Group Series 500 Certificate Error

Hello, we have around 35 Group Series units and they have that exact same error. How can I install my own cert to bypass that warning? Thanks.

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