Group 500 not sending content

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Group 500 not sending content

Hi All,


We have a few Group 500 units around the place. We are on latest firmware 6.1.6 for all units. We have an issue now where someone comes along, plugs in laptop, comes up sending camera 2, flickers a bit then fails.


I can't recall what firmware we had prior to this as we were on something very old, but was all working fine.


Any known issues with this firmware release, or things to try?


Cheers muchly.

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Re: Group 500 not sending content

Also just to add, this sometimes works and sometimes does not, appears to be intermittant currently.

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Polycom Video EP PLM
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Re: Group 500 not sending content

Could be a couple of things.


One is the device connecting to the GS has HDCP enabled and thus the codec is not allowed by standards to send it.


The output of the computer does not match what is allowed for an input on the codec.


You can check out the User's Guide for the supported resolutions and frequencies.  

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Peter Devalez
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Re: Group 500 not sending content



I don't know if my problem with content is related or similar to yours.


But I have a customer with 2 RPG310's with also issues sending content.

Also with the latest firmware: Release -


When sending content, the screen on the near end shows "sending content" flickers a bit and nothing happens, the far end just flickers a bit and then nothing happens.

When we change the setting under "content" from "Prior to VBSS" to "RDP only". The content works again for an unknown period. After a while, it fails again. When we set the setting back to "Prior to VBSS". It works again for an unknown period.

This is for communication between two RPG310's with SfB Interop.


Did you tried already play with those settings? Because you said you are coming from a very old FW version. It had certainly not the VBSS capabilities then.

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