Group 500 Remote Login Bypass

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Group 500 Remote Login Bypass



I have a Group 500 series endpoint. When accessing the endpoint via a browser, it no longer asks for a username / password, but just bypasses the login screen completely and goes into the web interface. 


Last week it would ask for a username/password before proceeding. What changed?


How do I change this to ensure a user has to input the local admin account credentials in order to access the endpoint via browser?



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Re: Group 500 Remote Login Bypass

Sounds like the security settings have been changed.  Unless specified the in-room access and remote access are tied together.  If the room access is set to no password and the remote access was not broken out then the remote access will also have no password.


You can separate the 2, room and remote access, and have different passwords, no no password, on each.


Please refer the the RP Group Series Administrator's Guide on security settings for additional details.

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