Group 500 Multipoint Layout

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Group 500 Multipoint Layout

Good Day All,


I have a group 500 version 4.3.1 hooked up to 2 monitors . If I make a call just to 1 far end party, the layout is fine. Monitor 1 is showing far end and monitor 2 is showing near-end. However, in a multipoint call (2 far end + me), monitor 1 is showing 1 far end, and monitor 2 is showing me+another far end party.


Any idea how to change this layout? I want all far end parties on monitor 1, and me + content on monitor 2. The monitor options does not seem to encompass this.




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Re: Group 500 Multipoint Layout

You can make those type of adjustments with the current software, 6.1.4.  The monitor controls have had a number of undates since your software version.

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