Group 500, Can't add Speed Dial

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Group 500, Can't add Speed Dial

I can't add speed dial numbers on two of my Group 500 units.  Speed Dial is enabled on the web interface.  when I search for a favorite or click edit speed dial nothing happens.  I thought my browser may need updated but that doesn't seem to be the case.  I've tried in Firefox, Chrome, and IE.  Any thoughts or is this a problem already known by Polycom?

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Re: Group 500, Can't add Speed Dial

Without knowing the software versions of the Polycom systems and the configuration of your implementation it is hard to reply.


I have tested with the current software, and have set them up with older software and do not have issues.


Please refer to the RealPresence Group Series Administrator’s Guide <here> for details on how to configure the speed dial and the limitations based upon your system configurations.

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