Firewall with M100

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Firewall with M100

I am trying to use M100 on my laptop in what will become a series of  training programs to try to demonstrate the role of telemedicine in clinical care for health care managers from around the country.  When trying to connect with the test sites (or valid telemedicine sites) I keep getting an error message that network or computer firewalls are blocking my incoming signal.  I am operating on a Sony Vaio running Windows 7 and Norton, and accessing the internet via a Verizon Broadband card.  I've done everything I can think of, including: uninstalling Norton, shutting off Windows Firewalls ("Domain Profile," "Private Profile," and "Public Profile") and contacting Verizon.  I can get out (i.e.. the far side rings, and if the line is busy, I get a busy signal), but I can't receive a signal.  What else am I missing?

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Re: Firewall with M100

Do you have "white" IP on your laptop? If not, you have to DMZ your laptop or use a gatekeeper with H.460 support. Tou can try using this.

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