Far End Not Reachable (New ISP?)

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Far End Not Reachable (New ISP?)

Hi Everyone, 


We're having some difficulties with one of our Polycom Real Presence windows applications, which had been working before. 


Making a call outside of the proprietory network into our bridge, we're finding the application 'trying' to call, and then eventually seems to time out with the message "Far end not reachable". 


This is on WIFI connection. 


Once we swap to a hotspot 4G connection, the application works fine and succesfully dials into the bridge. 


As a result, I've ruled out subscription, firewall, port and anti-virus issues. 


Anyone have any suggestions on what else we can try?


PS. The user calls in from home, and has mentioned that they recently swapped Internet Service Providers for their home internet, and believes it may be related. 


What do you think?

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Re: Far End Not Reachable (New ISP?)

You are probably correct, considering the only thing that changed was the ISP for the user at his home they need to be working with that ISP to see if they are supporting H.323 video calls.  Sounds like probably not.


Another simple test is do WiFi from a hotspot like a Starbucks or MacDonalds.  If it works there then you know for sure it is the home network.

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