Eagle Eye Director II


Eagle Eye Director II

Hi All,


I have some queries regarding the Eagle Eye Director II,

  1. Does the  Eagle Eye Director II device support any other platform like Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc than Microsoft Skype for Business?
  2. Is it necessary to have the RealPresence Group Serial Devices along with the Eagle Eye Director II for its working?
  3. Can I get the camera stream link?
  4. Suppose the conference room is too big and I want to provide 2 USB cable point option to connect to the Eagle Eye Director II in the conference room table, How could I achieve that? As there is only one USB 2.0 option in the Eagle Eye Director II. Is there any kind of extenders?
  5. Can I use the just Eagle Eye Director II with a tracking feature with any 3rd party device(Crestron)?
  6. I want to use the camera tracking feature of Eagle Eye Director II, What are the devices I need to look into?
Thank you
Sharan Suvarna
Systems Engineer, Access Online Inc
Cell: +91 9019862464
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Re: Eagle Eye Director II

Hi @Sharan,


1. Well, these plattforms are tested and supported. As you might know, there are hundreds of other platforms and I think it is impossible to test and support them all. So Poly does the global players. But if you connect the EEDII via USB to Win10, chances are very high to support any other Win10 video client, because of usage standard USB drivers.

2. No, as I said you can use EEDII via USB and Win 7 -10

3. No, as far as I know, you cannot.

4. Use a 3rd party USB extender. There are supported ones in the realese notes for EEDII.

5. Yes, it is a inbuild hardware feature.

6. See 5. 

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Re: Eagle Eye Director II

 Thanks for the reply.


I had one doubt regarding the "Audio In 3.5mm stereo line-in" port in the EEDII, Is it necessary to connect to this port? even though I am not using any other services of the EEDII other than the camera tracking feature. 

This is a general query, Is there any microphone sensors in the EEDII so that it uses it to track which person is talking in the conference room?


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Re: Eagle Eye Director II

Have a look at this guide an install the Director like you want to use it. 



Yes, the short "stick" in the middle of the cameras, is the microphone used for voice tracking. 

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