Disabling License Options

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Disabling License Options

I will guess this is a no, but is there any way to disable a license installed for the purpose of testing.

Assume I want to temporarily disable MP option, or the RTV option etc.

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Re: Disabling License Options

If I need to disable an option I usually have to change a character in the option key. Unfortunately this will also disable all of the other options as well. The only way to do this is if an option key was generated for the options you wanted to keep on the system which would be an entirely different bit mask.

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Re: Disabling License Options

If you take the S# to the support.polycom.com web site & go into Licensing & Product Activation & proceed as if you were creating a new license.

Enter the Tab entitled Activation History.  There it will identify the license "KEYS" used for each individual "a la carte" option.

Make a note of & remove the License "CODE" from your HDX & re-generate a new "CODE" with the apropriate "KEY" for those functions you wish to keep.

When you have finished "testing" re-enter the "CODE" noted earlier or just re-generate with the remaining "KEYS" in Activation History.




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