Content Cable for HDX Series

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Content Cable for HDX Series

Is there a non Polycom cable that can be used to provide Laptop connectivity via a cable.

the Polycom cable is $250 which seems a little excessive for a cable.

Is there a connection diagram available so a cable can be manufactured.

BTW, the cable should be included with the HDX as part of the standard cable pack

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Re: Content Cable for HDX Series

Hi there :)

Have a look at the Integrator´s reference manual, page 64 - here

There you´ll find the pinouts. You could use a dvi-i to vga adapter to connect your notebook or desktop pc.

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Re: Content Cable for HDX Series



I've had good success using a cable from Tripp Lite, with a DVI to VGA adaptor.


the Tripp Lite cable model number is "P504-025-P" for a 25' cable. It has male HD-15 connectors at both ends, and includes male 3.5 mm stereo connectors integrated into the cable.


They retail for about $80.00 online.


Good Luck!

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