Connecting Polycon tp PC

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Connecting Polycon tp PC

Hai ,

         I am using Polycom HDX 7000.Can I connect Polycom input(ie Video throug cam) to PC ? .So that i can use it as a webcam.If there is any idea abot this please share .It will be very helpful .

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Re: Connecting Polycom to PC

Polycom HDX systems do not use their USB ports as a video source.


If the camera you are using has a supported output, see the User's Guide for HDX Room systems, you can input it on the DVI input, which supports both digital and analog inputs.


The other video input, the HDCI, is primarily designed for the Polycom EagleEye cameras.  The EagleEye camera has the IR receiver in it so if you use if for another type of input the IR receiver may not be supported.  See the interoperability section of the release notes for supported cameras.


The HDX Admin Guide has a section of the supported connections on each of the video inputs.

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Capture Card?

Do you meant you want to capture the video output of the Polycom and have it going into the PC?


If so you'll need a capture card, one that can take VGA/DVI input.

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Re: Capture Card?



We have HDX 8000 and we want to capture the output of Polycom and have it going to a notebook.

Also, we want this output in Adobe Flash Media Server to stream it to the web. You have an idea on what kind of capture card I could use? And whether the quality is good (480p or higher)?

We tried contacting Polycom many times to stream it directly from RSS4000, but it failed, I thought this could be an option.

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