Connecting HDX7000 to the Internet
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Connecting HDX7000 to the Internet

We have been trying to connect our HDX7000 (and the VDX7000) to the internet so we can teleconference with outside organizations. I have tried all the recommendations and steps I could find on the Polycom site. We still get "Your call could not be completed becaquse the call was routed through an intermediate network that does not service the far site..." We have a firewall (MS TMG2010) and I have set up policies per Polycom. Nothing works. Do we need to assign a public IP to the Polycom itself instead of a NAT in the firewall?

Any help onthis issue would be appreciated.

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Re: Connecting HDX7000 to the Internet

See page 2-22 to 2-25 of Admin Guide  - Configuring the System for Use with a Firewall or NAT

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