Can Group 700 do H.264 to OBS or Wirecast by itself?

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Can Group 700 do H.264 to OBS or Wirecast by itself?

Is it possible to have a standalone RealPresence Group 700 do RTSP / H.264 by itself without any additional hardware or software? We have an old one that is being removed and replaced with a Chromebook running Google Meet.


For the last several years I've been using our old HDX 7000 as a mini TV studio for live streaming our graduations, via a ridiculous streaming chain, HDX -> RSS 4000 -> Wowza -> Ensemble -> Facebook Video, and Live Audio enabled in the HDX.




But the HDX hardware is obsolete and is being decommissioned this year, and it looks like there's no way to make the HDX do H.264 streaming to OBS by itself.


The spec sheet for the Group 700 says it can do H.264, but I don't know anything about it, if there's a way to initiate RTSP directly from it, or if it needs additional components costing in the thousands of dollars.


Currently it is linked into a managed video network, but that's all being decommissioned this summer, and I will likely be doing a factory reset on the Group 700 to break it free of all that.


If it can't do H.264 to OBS or Wirecast directly by itself, then the Group 700 is likely going to eBay. I will then need a PTZOptics or similar steerable conferencing camera which I know definitely can do H.264 to OBS

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