Calling xxxxxxxxxx@ip_address?

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Calling xxxxxxxxxx@ip_address?



I have HDX 9006.


The other day, I had to make a video call using a string like this: xxxxxxxxxx@ip_address


Usually, I would just input ip_address, but this time, I had a long string xxxxxxxxx (some numbers) in front.


What is this?  Could someone tell me more?


Another thing: if I just used ip_address, I'd have a screen telling me to input the xxxxxxxxx string.  But I cannot do so using the remote control.  Is it possible to make the HDX let me enter the xxxxxxxxx part separately?



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Re: Calling xxxxxxxxxx@ip_address?

It is Annex O dialing, generally used with SIP protocols.

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Re: Calling xxxxxxxxxx@ip_address?

Thanks for your reply.


I just checked inside Admin Guide (3.1.5) but all I can find is at page 2-11, title IPv6 Gatekeeper Support where it's talking about


H.323 Annex O dialing


The same thing?


And about separate input, possible or not?

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Re: Calling xxxxxxxxxx@ip_address?

You likely can't dial the numbers individually without being registered to their associated gatekeepr or registrar. These kind of addresses either refer to a VMR (virtual meeting room) or a specific registered user.


As for hitting the bridge and entering your VMR number you should be able to do it using DTMF tones on the remote if the bridge is configured for it.  I think on HDXs you need to press the # key to start the DTMF feature. Alternatively you can enter them throug the webgui on the device or you can just enter the entire string in the first place and get routed immediately. 

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Re: Calling xxxxxxxxxx@ip_address?

We use BlueJeans and they have two options of connecting to meetings.


1. Dial and then enter your meeting ID and press pound

2. Dial XXXXXXXXXX@ and bypass the "enter your meeting ID" screen. (X= meeting ID)


Most people just click the speed dial we have setup on the screen for the IP address and then enter their meeting ID. However we have a few special user cases like for our CEO who has a small Polycom in his office, we created a speed dial with his meeting ID@ the BlueJeans IP address so he can enter his meeting room with one click.


Hope this helps,



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