Audio Dropouts with GRP700 to RPD software calls


Audio Dropouts with GRP700 to RPD software calls

Hi Polycom Community,


I have an issue where audio will drop in and out in a call between GRP700s and realpresence desktop software. The versions I am using for testing this are: GRP700 #1: v5.0.1, #2: v4.3.1 and RPD v3.2.1.48697. This is happening on a local enterprise network that has QoS enabled (DiffServ).


The audio sounds like it is only a half-duplex connection. So any noise at the near end (including papers being russled etc) causes the far end audio to drop out for a second or two. The speech from the far end will drop every few words so it is difficult to understand the speaker.


I have tested the same GRP700s to other rooms with GRP700s and it works fine. I have also tested software to software and it is not as bad but it still happens (indicating a possible software config problem). I have been through the release notes of each version (and the latest v5.1.0) and there is nothing in there that suggests this is a known or corrected issue. I have also scoured these forums and others to find nothing.


I would like to know if anyone has experienced something like this before and if there may be some config suggestions for the software? 


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.



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Re: Audio Dropouts with GRP700 to RPD software calls

What settings do you have on the audio pages?  If you have the acoustic Fence or noise block enabled test with those things off.

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Re: Audio Dropouts with GRP700 to RPD software calls

Hi, thanks for your input and sorry for the late reply. The rooms I had to check were 550Kms away. I walked... jks.


I am sad to report though that this remains an issue. I updated to the latest RPD, I turned off acoustic fence, keyboard noise suppression etc, I have tried every audio device input (these consisted of a Biamp Tesira USB input/output and an anaolgue line input/output) to no effect.


It would appear that the hardware units are causing the dropouts but only with connections from the RPD software. I can see this as I monitor the audio feed coming from the GRP700 and can see that any audio coming over the network from the software is dropping out and the source/mic audio in both rooms is fine. So it only seems to happen with the received audio from the software.


I am going to have to submit a service request to polycom to see if they can help.



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Re: Audio Dropouts with GRP700 to RPD software calls

A further update to this:


I have tested the latest RPD software in isolation on a local network with no restrictions and it is still an issue in RPD to RPD calls. At least 50% of the far end audio will drop out as soon as any audio originates from the local room. This also happens vice versa, so the far end has drop outs as well. It gets so bad that it renders the conversation unintelligible.


On top of this there is a nasty burst of audio when connecting a call and distorted audio when in a call. Sometimes it takes 10 - 20 seconds to calm itself down, other times it doesn't calm down at all and the call has to be dropped. I will start a new thread on this issue.

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Re: Audio Dropouts with GRP700 to RPD software calls

Hello Mozez,

No need for a new topic or post as the next step , as already suggested by yourself, should be to contact Polycom support via your Polycom reseller.


This is the only way to troubleshoot this.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

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