All Group Series Endpoints dropped from call


All Group Series Endpoints dropped from call

Call Events indicate a RAS disengageRequest received



Would like to know what triggered the disengage request that caused all endpoints to be disconnected

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Re: All Group Series Endpoints dropped from call

Hello tterry,

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steve from accounting
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Re: All Group Series Endpoints dropped from call

These signals are pretty ubiquitous and if you dive into most of your call details on dma you should see them at the end of every h323 session. If all your sites dropped at the same time and it wasn't initiated by someone ending the conference from RMX, web app, or dtmf tone you should look at network issues. 

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Re: All Group Series Endpoints dropped from call

Thanks Steve,


Yes from the DMA perspective the logging indicates ‘Endpoint ended the call normally.’


We do not operate an RMX MCU but instead have a Pexip Infinty MCU, in which audio calls & WebRTC calls which are both forwarded directly to the Pexip MCU did not drop. So the common denominator is the endpoints going via the DMA.


So I can rule out someone ending the conference from the RMX. This could only be done idividually from the pexip interface & they all have the same time stamp so I rule that out.


I guess you can never rule out the network but it is a bit of a cope out. What network events can initiate 4 endpoints to drop simultaniously, xxx amount of milliseconds without a packet being received? One would think the DMA would log that as an event.


Full logs have been passed onto Polycom, so will see what they come back with

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Re: All Group Series Endpoints dropped from call

hello 'tterry',


i know it's been a while, but curious if you/Poly ever got this figured out? my workplace is experiencing something similiar, where in Pexip interop'd MS Teams mtgs, our Poly VC systems (be it Studio X30 or Group 310/500) would initiate a disconnect within a minute of being connected. however, the Cisco VC systems would stay on for hours without issue. opening a ticket with Pexip resulted in only their determining that the disconnects were being initiated from the Poly endpoints, so they're unsure of why and asked us to open support ticket with Poly.


thanks much in advance!


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Re: All Group Series Endpoints dropped from call

I am experiencing a similar issue with my codec disconnecting from Pexip interop'd MS Teams meetings.  Has anyone resolved this?

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