Poly Voyager Base CD shows twice

Adam in DC
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Poly Voyager Base CD shows twice

Lens Desktop:  1.1.18

Voyager Office Base:  438

Voyager 4220:  614


User reports that Teams calls are degrading and dropping on headset and he had to switch to AirPods.  We ran Lens Desktop - and I had him authenticate to his 365 account and login.  All firmware on the headset and base unit were up to date as of 7/27/2022


As you can see in this picture, the Base shows up twice and the user feels this could be part of the problem.  


The same situation is in Zoom as in Teams - the base shows up twice.  However, in Windows Devices, the base only shows up once.  We have tried powering down and disconnecting- to no avail.  


Would appreciate any suggestions.  


Headset base duplicate.png

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