Poly Lens vs Plantronics Hub and Online Indicator

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Poly Lens vs Plantronics Hub and Online Indicator


I recently purchased the Poly Voyager Focus 2 Teams edition. 


What is the difference between Poly Lens desktop app and Plantronics Hub?  Is Poly Lens replacing Plantronics Hub?  Does either one give you better or more options?  Can both be installed on your PC?


Should the Online Indicator be red when connected to a Teams call or does it only work with phones?  I thought it would light up when On a Teams call because this is a Certified Teams headset but mine does not light up.


Thank you!

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Poly Mukesh
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Re: Poly Lens vs Plantronics Hub and Online Indicator

Hello @Cassfutbol 


Greetings from Poly.


Poly Lens desktop app and Plantronics Hub are the device management software however Poly Lens Desktop requires either Windows 10 (32 bit or 64 bit) and up or Mac OS X 10.14.6 and up.


Poly Lens Desktop is a single app for customizing your compatible personal devices to how you work & it has more features in comparison to Plantronics Hub but in case you have old Windows or Mac, you may have to use Plantronics Hub in order to manage the devices. 


You can install both the software on your PC however for best performance, especially related to call control, Poly recommends having only Poly Lens Desktop active and closing Plantronics Hub so that they are not running in the background. 


For the issue with the Online light indicator, please raise a support ticket with Poly.



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Mukesh Kumar

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Re: Poly Lens vs Plantronics Hub and Online Indicator

If you use RingCentral softphone you will want to keep Plantronics Hub installed because at this time (July 19, 2022) only Plantronics Hub has the RingCentral SDK-Enabled plugin (RC_APP_PLUGIN).  Without this plugin your RingCentral softphone will not operate correctly with your new Voyager Focus 2.  I discovered this issue soon after I purchased my Voyager Focus 2.  Without the plugin, one of the issues I experienced was:

While on a Teams call, if a new call came in on RingCentral softphone, my teams call got dropped automatically.  My only resolution to stop is behavior was to install the Plantronics Hub.

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Use Hub; Lens is in beta.

I just called Poly and asked this question.  The support representative said to use Hub because Lens is in beta and not ready for widespread use.  :?

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Re: Use Hub; Lens is in beta.

So, if it is in Beta, then why doesn't the download page reflect that?  I think the person you talked to is just making up as they go.  I see this so often with technical support representatives.  Instead of being honest and saying that they don't know something, they just guess and it doesn't help anybody.


I heard the opposite from a different technical support person.  They told me that Lens is the new software going forward and that it is recommended over Plantronics Hub.  However, I just had to install the Hub software recently so that I could clear the paired devices from a USB dongle because Lens doesn't have that feature.  So it seems like Poly has a bit of a mess on their hands with these applications.  They need to clean these things up before recommending one over another.

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