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Today marks the end of my first six months at Polycom. With two tough but rewarding quarters under our belts, this month brings me yet another mountain to climb. The real kind… my team and I embarked on this challenge four years ago when I was at Motorola and over the past four years we have conquered Mont Blanc and Mount Elbrus. This time we are climbing Kilimanjaro in aid of the charity Young Minds at the end of July with Everest slated next!

 Marco climb.jpg

The climate has been tough these past few months; however one thing that is clear is that we are reaching a tipping point in the market, with customers understanding how technologies like ours can bring more to the party than just travel savings.


I have been waxing lyrical about Polycom enabling the workplace of the future, the need to offer employees flexibility, and the ability to talk to each other naturally, regardless of where they happen to be.



If we can convince enterprises to embrace innovative ways of using our technologies, be it sharing data via tablet from the manufacturing line, performing patient diagnosis over video or videoing in dancers in one country on to a stage in another country, the possibilities are endless.


For me, it is like climbing Kilimanjaro – it is important to have a good strong team around you, no fear and bags of drive, coupled with the right level of preparation, you can conquer anything.

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See you on the other side!

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