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What to do on the weekend when you’re far from home on a business trip is often a question, but not in Alaska! Polycom’s friend, Greg Zorbas and his delightful wife Cathy, invited me to their home near Soldotna.


Alaska 6.JPGGreg not only knows Alaska, he experiences it on a daily basis. Originally we’d talked about whitewater rafting but low water precluded that. Instead we hit the water on a fishing expedition two of them, in fact. The first was on the Kenai River. The salmon were running and the moose (see picture!) were walking. I hooked one salmon – doubtless the biggest fish I’ve ever landed – and concluded, yep, I’m good and I can fish!


Well, then we went out on Kachemak Bay. It’s sort of like ocean and the water moves up and down more. So, the good news is that we caught twelve halibut and one cod. You can see them in the picture. You can also see me holding a white bucket. I got to know that bucket real well. Yep, when that boat started going up and down, my innards kind of did that, too … although, in my case, more up than down.


Alaska 7.JPG





Alaska 5.JPG















Now, the truth is we had a great time and I recovered to eat the “catch of the day” that evening. But mountain biking around Russian River Falls is maybe more where this landlubber girl belongs.






Stay tuned for Monday, Day 6!   Polycom connects a great bunch of teachers – big fun – and there’s no white bucket anywhere in sight!

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