Bob Knauf
Polycom Employee

 In his award-winning production, Life, Love & Health, Christopher Springmann talks to guests around the world that have interesting stories to share from their own lives.   The idea behind Life Love & Health was to address a simple, unmet need by telling America’s health story in entertaining and emotionally engaging ways, through the authentic voices of real people, including a diverse group of doctors and nurses, patients and their families, plus researchers and innovators in the health-and-wellness field.


Springmann uses Polycom CloudAXIS to easily bring in remote guests.   CloudAXIS provides high quality audio and video connections which equals a higher production value without increased costs. When guests are schedule to come in, they will receive a link that they simply click on from the MAC or PC and within seconds they are connected to Springmann and the production.


Take a look at Christopher’s latest episode where a mother shares a story about how implants brought hearing to her deaf daughters.


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