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Remember the days where video conferencing was intimidating because the technology felt hard to use? Kiss those days good-bye thanks to Polycom Concierge.


Below are 6 ways to video conference, like a boss.



1 – Impress everyone with your technical prowess

Everyone brings their phone and laptop into every meeting for productivity.  Or maybe we bring them to play Clash of Clans.  Either way, these devices are extensions of ourselves that you can control without looking at the screens.  Forget the remote control and pair your personal device to the video conference system to show off your technical skills.



smart guy.png2 – Act like the smartest person in the room

It’s time for the meeting to begin and while everyone is fumbling around trying to figure out which number to dial, you can tap to join the meeting from your smartphone.  As the system dials the right number from your calendar, your colleagues will bask in your confidence. 



3 – Be in controlcontrol.png

Forget reaching across the table to mute the microphone.  One tap from your phone or laptop and the room is muted.  People struggling to hear in the back? Adjust the speaker volume with a simple swipe. Control sits in the palm of your hand.



laptop.png4 – Sit back and critique

Financial graphs are notorious for slowing down meeting productivity because no one can read every detail that has been crammed into the death by PowerPoint presentation. You won’t get slowed down as you analyze every detail up close on your laptop from the back of the room. 



5 – Show off your brilliancebrilliance.png

“Let’s brainstorm to find synergistic solutions that move the needle.”  See how many different annoying business jargon terms you can drop before you start a brainstorming session on a virtual whiteboard to find synergistic solutions across the globe that will move the needle.



mute.png6 – Don’t take &#%@! from anyone

Someone forgot to mute themselves as they order their “grande extra hot three shot double pump caramel macchiato.”  This daily caffeine fix might have previously derailed a meeting but not this time.  Identify the offender and quickly mute them.  Or kick them out of the meeting completely.   



Want to learn how all of this is possible? Polycom Concierge is a feature of our RealPresence Clariti solution that enables you to use your personal devices to control your video conferencing experience.


Now, get out there and video conference.  boss.png

                                                                                   Like a boss. 

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