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I watched in awe as the new Polycom Immersive Studio was assembled at Team Polycom earlier this month.  I'd seen the Polycom RPX, the Polycom OTX, Halo, T3, CTS, and many of the others.  If you haven't yet seen it in person, be sure to watch the teaser video first. Or read a review from eWeek or V3 amongst others. 



After the full sized 84"- 1080p Ultra HD 4k displays went up, and while the rest of the system was being assembled it struck me that the installation was going very quickly. Amazingly quickly.  I know that in addition to the incredible work in camera miniaturization, spatial audio, finding the displays where people could walk around the room and remain on camera, and in addition to the powerfully simple user interface, the team also focused on something much more basic: minimizing TCO.  They've made installation faster and worked to reduce on going costs through better design, flexible network requirements and simplicity. 





You have to experience the Immersive Studio in person to grasp the life-like quality of the audio & video. After seeing it and then calculating the ROI, the Immersive Studio becomes a truly compelling business case.  


 Want to learn more about the RealPresence Immersive Studio?  See http://bit.ly/1eCUB5G 


Sincere apologies to the installation crew for photographing (and sharing) their backsides while setting up a Polycom Immersive Studio in the Vancouver Convention Center. 


The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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