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The popular “stop, drop and roll” fire safety tip is one of the first taught to children. Rightly so, an uncontrolled fire can be destructive.


According to my trusty friend Wikipedia, Fire Prevention Week is observed in the United States and Canada the week October 9 falls on. Commemorating the 40th anniversary (1911) of the Great Chicago Fire (1871), the Fire Marshals Association of North America (FMANA), the oldest membership section of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), observed the anniversary for the first time.


Lincoln Fire and Rescue 2.pngFor the fires that do break out, we have firefighters who dedicate their lives to ensure public safety. According to Leo Benes, Battalion Chief at Lincoln Fire and Rescue, a fire can double in size in 30 seconds. Quick response time and an immediate connection are crucial to saving lives and property. High-definition video collaboration systems connect the 14 fire stations in Lincoln, Nebraska. The firefighters can virtually attend operational meetings, schedule reviews, and complete trainings without leaving their service area.


See Lincoln Fire and Rescue’s inspiring story here.


Similarly, the Pike Township Fire Department in Indianapolis, Indiana sees video as an important part of its life-saving tool kit.


They needed an intuitive system that could create and deliver information quickly as well as measure and track participation to meet certification and training guideline. Polycom RealPresence Capture Station and Polycom RealPresence Media Manager turned out to be the answer. The fire department can record instructors on video just by connecting a laptop to the system. The videos are stored and available for easy search and access on an online library similar to "YouTube." 


Firefighters can complete their hands-on training from home and fire stations when their schedules would allow, keeping them in their service area. The department is in the process of extending access to their system to neighboring fire departments so they can take advantage of the Polycom-based online training program.


Learn more about how Pike Township Fire Department is giving firefighters more time to save lives here.


The Saturday during Fire Prevention Week is Fire Service Appreciation Day. We should all give a round of applause to the firefighters who dedicate their lives to protect citizens and property from this unpredictable force of nature.


Thank you, Polycom heroes!

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