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Education Fast Forward (EFF) is a charity based in the United Kingdom, aiming to accelerate educational change by means of debate.  In its fifth year now, EFF debates brings together teachers, students, leaders and policy makers and help them talk about the educational challenges they face in whatever country they may be from.  Sometimes talking about problems, sharing experiences between like-minded people, can help spur action and create the will to improve.




The result of these debates is a better understanding of what is happening in the classroom, in the education system, in the country, and then how it can be fixed.


Polycom are proud to enable the debates during 2015, starting with EFF 12 - Turning school performance to economic success.  We will be providing access to the network of Polycom Executive Experience Centres, Solution Centres and offices across the globe, as well as a virtual meeting environment.  This means EFF participants that might not be able to travel to an office will be able to take part live from their location, in whatever country they might be and on whatever device they choose to use.


EFF 12 will be hosted from London in Central Hall Westminster, almost opposite to the Houses of Parliament, where an audience of about fifty educational leaders will be chaired by Jim Wynn and Gavin Dykes.  The debate will see a host of participants joining from locations in South Korea, Lebanon, Brazil, the USA, Norway, France and many more.  With our partner YorkTel, EFF 12 will also be live streamed so people can watch from the comfort of their web browsers.


These debates are not only for those who can make it to a videoconference site; observers of the stream can tweet their questions and comments directly to the chair to make the session truly interactive.


To get involved, please visit http://www.effdebate.org/eff12/ and tweet to #EFF12.


It begins at 9:15am UK time and in the words of Tim Unwin, EEF Fellow “Education Fast Forward brings together some of the foremost thinkers about education in the 21st century to debate key issues of relevance to learners of all ages. There is never a dull moment when these people come together!”

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