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Are you a victim of the “it works just fine” syndrome in your conference rooms? Generally, this occurs when a company clings to old technology claiming “it still works”.  I know the pain these simple words cause.  Wtracking.pnghen I was growing up, we rented VHS tapes for our VCR and I’m pretty sure we were the last family to embrace DVD technology.  In fact, we were so far behind the times we should’ve skipped DVDs altogether and went straight to Blu-ray (which is embarrassing to admit as one of those technology driven Millennials).  My parents claimed the old tape technology “worked just fine” and they were technically correct.  I could watch Jurassic Park with the tracking lines on VHS but there was a gargantuan experience difference when viewing it on that newfangled DVD technology. 


frustrated man.pngJust like the VHS tape, your organization may be holding on to that one camera solution in your conference rooms.  While it technically works by sending video to other sites, it’s a pain in the you-know-what to use so we end up leaving the camera view untouched and the other side of the video call longing for true face-to-face communication.  Instead of solving important problems, our colleagues are left asking questions like:  “Is that Frank speaking? Did he roll his eyes? Who is that person with the green shirt in the corner?”


It’s time to experience the difference and realize how communicating over video can be stress-free.  Imagine walking into the conference room and the camera automatically shows the best view of everyone.  Once you start speaking, the camera shows your face up close while still showing everyone else in the room.  And imagine all of this happening without touching a remote control or using camera presets. 


I hate to break the news to you, but Polycom introduced this groundbreaking speaker tracking technology a few years ago.  And now in the latest release, EagleEye Director II, is like leapfrogging to Blu-ray.   We’ve been hard at work perfecting the technology on our smart camera show a speaker up-close and provide a smaller view of the entire room.  This lets you maintain context of reactions in the room while still seeing the facial expressions of the presenter for a more intimate and inclusive meeting experience. 


Get ready for your close-up because once you start speaking, EagleEye Director II notices and provides a nice portrait view for everyone to clearly see those nonverbal communication cues.  So, keep your eye-rolling to a minimum.  Once someone else starts talking, the view will automatically switch from speaker to speaker.  EagleEye Director II achieves a television production quality experience without breaking a sweat. 



Need to walk to the white board at the very back of the room? EagleEye Director II will follow you up to 33 feet (10m) away.  Not to brag, but that’s the longest distance of any automatic camera technology.  


There are also some really cool data analytics involved that let an organization understand how many participants are in the conference room.  Finally, we can put an end to Bob using the 20 person conference room as his own personal conference room.


Don’t let your organization become a victim of the “it works just fine” syndrome.  Schedule your free demo of EagleEye Director II today and experience the difference.

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