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Guest Blog: Simon Aldous, Channels Director, UK & Ireland

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This weekend sees the final game of this year’s 6 Nations Rugby Tournament and as the anticipation builds as to whether England will achieve the grand slam, it made me think about how the England rugby team turned things around from their somewhat ‘interesting’ performance as hosts of the Rugby World Cup six months ago.  Over the past couple of months they have demonstrated that as a team they have come together collaboratively and focused their sights on the end goal, successfully working together and winning.


Behind the success of winning is not the magic of the game, but through the power of the scrum, the huddle, the coming together as a team to unite, agreeing the plan of action, aligning the process of delivery and together they achieve success, and it’s no different in 
how teams should operate in the workplace.  Team meetings should be a way of pulling together to achieve a common goal. They should be productive, concise and each individual should takeaway something valuable, something they needed to know, but didn’t already.  Some organisations, especially in the field of product development, have taken things one stage further and hold a ‘daily scrum meeting’ where the key points that are on the agenda for that day are discussed and communicated so everyone knows the priorites and plan, inclusive of any potential obstacles that might delay progression.  But what if the team involved aren’t based in the same location – how do they hold the ‘daily scrum’?


Polycom® RealPresence Centro™, is the first visual collaboration solution purpose-built to put people at the centre of collaboration.  The RealPresence Centro brings to life the Scrum Meeting so that teams that have members that are located in disparate locations can still hold a daily circle meeting or scrum meeting ensuring that they work as
a unit to reach a common goal efficiently.Centro with 2 people on screen.jpg


Polycom’s patented 360-degree voice and video technology brings the team together to ensure all attendees can see each other – no matter, where they are in the room. Collaboration becomes more fluid and natural as participants engage with each other effectively in the round. 


But as with any new technology ‘seeing is believing’ so why not try this new meeting
experience yourself? We would like to invite you to attend one of our 2 hour open day sessions at our Executive Experience Centre in London where you discover how to put people at the centre of collaboration to help drive team productivity to achieve success – oh and before I forget, ‘good luck’ England you know you can do it – it’s all about the scrum. 


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