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Students from 7 different states had that discussion with Laurie Keller, author/illustrator, of The Scrambled States of America and The Scrambled States Talent Show. The program started with each class showing an outline of their state and telling 3 facts we should know about their state.


Scrambled states 1.jpg



Then the students had questions ready for Ms. Keller:

  • How old were you when you started writing?
  • Which do you like better – writing or illustrating?
  • How would Canada and Mexico feel about scrambling the states?
  • Why did you want to write/illustrate a book about states?
  • Which state is the funniest?

Scrambled states 2.jpg


After reading the books, one school had students make characters made from the states’ shapes that they shared with Ms. Keller and the other classes.

Scrambled states 3.jpg


It was a busy week for Polycom Special Events!!! What a fun way to learn United States geography!


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At Believers Fellowship Academy, we always enjoy the VCs with Laurie Keller. She is excellent with the students. 

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