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polly-calm-portrait-200x200-25601.jpgWhat is vidiquette? Polycom's Vidiquette Expert, Polly Calm explains.


What is vidiquette?  It’s about etiquette for video collaboration.  But what is etiquette?  Despite what you might think, etiquette is not a stuffy set of rules about which fork to use and what color jackets the groomsmen can wear for an afternoon wedding.  Modern etiquette is about courtesy, and helping us navigate how to behave with new technologies and capabilities – in our work lives and our personal lives.  We all know that courtesy goes a long way toward making workplaces and work teams better.  “Vidiquette,” then, is how to apply courtesies to video conferencing – technology that is just now becoming widespread enough that people around the world are looking for guidance and best practices.


I have been known to refer to people who aren’t aware of these courtesies as “vidiots,” but I say it with affection.  Video collaboration is breaking down barriers in our modern workplaces, and I’m excited to see so many companies and institutions leveraging the power of face to face connection, even when they are thousands of miles apart.  Spend a little bit of time with me and you’ll be a vidiquette expert in no time – getting the most out of every videoconference so you can be as productive as possible.

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