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I read an interesting article a co-worker forward to me last week called The Ultimate Purpose of Technology.  As you think about the many technologies we use today, the authors statement: “technology, when used correctly, exists to shorten the distance between two points,” is the goal we all want to achieve especially when using videoconferencing. I found the article timely as our education team kicks off the school year with two Polycom Special Events exclusively for educators.


These professional development sessions provide educators with the resources they need to effectively integrate videoconferencing into a learning environment.

  • The first event, Jump Start VC in Your School, discovered the many videoconferencing resources available in CAPspace that support curriculum. CAPspace is our incredible global directory and network of educators for video conferencing project collaboration. We also explored the Polycom Special Events, CAPspace collaborations and the new VC Provider Database
  • During the second event, Collaborating in CAPspace, participants learned where collaborations were posted, how to sign-up, and how to create their own collaboration. Sites in Kansas, South Dakota, New Jersey and Germany participated in these educator sessions.  In order to accommodate our participants in Germany, we used Polycom's CloudAXIS, which lets users host or join video conferencing meetings with just a browser and a webcam.

Here is what they had to say about this experience: “I would like to thank you for giving Petra and me the chance to try out the CloudAXIS. It saved both of us a 30 minute drive at 9:00 p.m. to the school and the quality was perfect on our side.”Special Event CloudAxis Pic.JPG


Everyone was impressed with the ease of operation, the clarity of picture and content and the possibilities for use in education. Learn more about CloudAXIS and the ways to use this technology to change how teachers teach and students learn. 


As you continue to think about how to integrate technology in the classroom remember to use the available programs and resources listed above. For more information go to www.polycom.com/education.


Also, please see the attached infographic: Five ways Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS Suite forever changes how teachers teach and students learn...

2014-10-14 11_03_31-community.polycom.com_polycom_attachments_polycom_theview_173_1_PCM_CloudAXIS-Ed.jpg


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