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U.S. Federal Government Agencies are faced with tremendous responsibility, budget restrictions, legislative mandates and growing demands from citizens. But, one situation remains constant – agencies are increasing dependence upon technology.  This dependence on collaborative technology, like Polycom, is facilitating increased utilization and return on investment. 


Virtually all agencies have experienced increasing utilization and continue to support technology for many applications. Now, individuals and organizations have greater access to tax, social, retirement, security, legislative, safety, surveillance, education, healthcare information and assistance. Increasing utilization is directly proportional to increasing information assurance and security certifications available today.    


Based upon my daily experience in the field, below are key utilization growth areas:


  • Teleworking - is becoming a key practice and is expected to increase in adoption/acceptance
  • Mobility and BYOD – is common practice and must function Anywhere, Anytime and maintain security policy
  • Software applications at the Desktop and in the Cloud
  • Voice, Video and Data solutions are converging
  • Call control platforms with open standards are replacing older and less capable solutions
  • Integration of solutions such as Microsoft and Polycom working together to produce an exceptional user experience
  • Packaged solutions for specific vertical or horizontal applications
  • Training, E-Learning and Distance Learning are now “the norm”
  • Public Safety, Emergency, Customs, Transportation and Judicial services
  • Museums providing access to virtual information and to National Parks

As time passes, I believe we can expect more and more dependence upon technology that saves us resources, solves organizational issues and makes our lives better.  


In honor of our 25th anniversary, Industry perspectives @25 will, for 25 days, take a celebratory look at how Polycom has transformed industries and business functions. These blogs are a variety of retrospective, current and visionary perspectives with the common thread of Unleashing the power of human collaboration.

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US Federal Government Market Director, Industry Solutions and Market Development, Polycom, Inc.        

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