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LRS was born from a Microsoft reference design and is a comprehensive partner offering comprised of touch-screen monitors, high definition video cameras, microphones, and a touch-screen console that facilitates participation without the need for a laptop or desktop from within the meeting room.  LRS provides a powerful collaboration experience and makes meetings easy to start, manage, and connect with remote attendees. 


Consider the questions below before you embark on your LRS deployment to help make your deployment a success.


1.)  Is my Lync architecture optimized for video?


Understanding and mapping how Lync will be utilized is a key first step to a successful deployment.  How will video be used across the organization? Is interoperability required with existing video investments?  What is your video content management strategy?


The natural evolution of Lync typically begins with Instant Messaging and Presence, progresses to Lync Enterprise Voice, conferencing and ultimately video.  If you’re somewhere along this continuum and planning to add video to your Lync workload, be sure to invest the time in sound Lync architecture planning to aid a smooth deployment.


2.)  Is my network ready for video?


Bandwidth plays an extremely important role in video conferencing. There is a strong correlation between how well your network performs and the success of your video solution deployment and adoption.  Introducing video to your network, you’ll want to understand the impact, bandwidth requirements and utilization in advance.


In this hyper-connected world we live in with gigabit connectivity, it’s easy to assume bandwidth will not be an issue. Consider, however, that users connect from different environments (such as bandwidth constrained areas and Wi-Fi networks) and from different devices ( such as laptops, smart phones and desktops).


Assessing your network performance before you deploy Lync video helps to identify any areas that may degrade the performance of your Lync video and hinder user adoption. A good video network readiness service can help you ascertain whether you’re ready for video.


3.)  What criteria should be considered when selecting an LRS provider?


Technology purchases are based on more than speeds and feeds alone. Choosing the right LRS provider will alleviate the concerns raised in questions #1 and #2. Here are a few of the criteria I recommend you consider:


  • Interoperability: is the provider able to make it all work together?
  • Deep Lync expertise: what is the ‘bench strength’ of your provider’s team? How many Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), Microsoft solution architects and consulting engineers are dedicated and on staff?
  • Alliance with Microsoft: what is the provider’s track record with Microsoft? How extensive is the portfolio for Microsoft UC?
  • Market leadership: what is the track record for innovation?
  • Technology: what are industry analysts saying? What is the award-winning technology coming out of the providers shop?
  • Global reach: unified communications makes the world a smaller place. You’ll want a provider who does business where you do.

To ensure the best user experience, choose an LRS provider who can help you address these critical areas from deployment through adoption.


For answers to these questions and more information, I invite you to attend the Polycom LRS webinar series (click here to register). Registration is open now for the first installment, ‘Take Meeting Collaboration to the Next Level with Microsoft Lync Room System.’




If you’re near a Microsoft Technology Center in the northeast corridor this May, plan to join renowned Lync blogger Jeff Schertz (Microsoft MVP and Polycom Solutions Architect) for a Lync Design Clinic as he details the impact of Lync video on your network, provides guidance on how to optimize the experience for your user community, and explains how to leverage existing investments in traditional video.

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