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WD.pngA few weeks ago I saw a tweet from @Disney, with a message about their new movie Tomorrowland. It got me thinking about the possibilities of the Workplace of the Future. It’s a way of working that happens when technologies, people and processes converge into one seamless digital experience that blends personal and professional lives. It’s not so different from Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland.


In the video posted to Twitter by the Walt Disney Company, cast members and staff from the movie speak about Mr. Disney’s vision of Tomorrowland. The video also includes clips of Walt Disney himself talking about Tomorrowland, “the things that seem impossible now will be realities tomorrow. A beautiful tomorrow is to dream away, we’re going places, there’s progress ahead.”


Walt Disney believed in a world where people worked together better, more seamlessly. This is the workplace of the future, where we unleash the power of human collaboration through workspace, experience and workflow. We’re creating something that seems impossible, but with innovation, creativity and a clear vision of the future, this dream is only the beginning of a beautiful reality.


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