If you’re a Polycom customer, then I guarantee you have a compelling story to tell. And we’re here to help you tell it.


As head of customer marketing, my job is all about capturing the incredible stories of Polycom’s customers and sharing them with the world. We know how powerful testimonials can be, and what they mean to decision-makers trying to sort out one solution from another. Because, let’s face it, there’s nothing like hearing it from someone who’s already been there.


Through videos, web stories, blogs, articles and social media, we help others understand your experience from your point of view. They learn what wasn’t working before and how it works better now. They relive the journey you took in your quest to defy distance, to cross cultures, and to erase the boundaries that were keeping people from collaborating better. They see how you’ve been successful and it inspires them.


Have you thought about how participating in customer marketing campaigns might benefit you?  Here are three great reasons to share your story:


  1. Demonstrate your market leadership. Being featured in a Polycom customer video, web story, blog, article or social media offers a chance to build brand awareness for your own organization. Show the world how you’re leading your industry or field by achieving efficiency and productivity gains with video, audio, and content collaboration. We showcase your success and that makes your customers, partners, employees, and shareholders happy.
  2. Spur adoption of collaboration solutions internally. Accelerate and enhance the return from your investment by inspiring more employees to adopt this powerful capability. Use your story to show the benefits of desktop or mobile collaboration, Lync integration, content sharing, and more. Emphasize how collaboration helps not only the organization by reducing costs and improving productivity, but also individual employees who can meet face-to-face with the manufacturing group in Beijing and still be home in time for dinner.
  3. Let your story shine, while remaining vendor-agnostic. We’re not looking for an explicit endorsement. In fact, that’s exactly what we don’t want. The most powerful and effective stories are told from the customer’s point of view, and they’re filled with the details that make your story relevant to organizations like yours.  So there’s no need to verbally endorse Polycom while you’re being interviewed on camera or by one of our writers. You’ll never be asked to divulge sensitive, proprietary, or competitive information. This is your story.


I hope you’ll consider joining the Smithsonian Institution, TED, NATO, China’s Ministry of Transport, and the many other organizations whose experiences are detailed in Polycom Customer Stories.  If you’re interested, please contact your Polycom sales representative or email me directly. I’d love to tell your story.

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