Happy New Year!


As January comes to a close, it’s my last chance to have a quick “look back” on what was an exciting and change-filled year for Polycom.  It started with a potential acquisition by Mitel in April and ended with a purchase by Siris Capital.  In one year alone, Polycom went from public to private, had changes in our executive leadership and sharpened our vision for helping companies collaborate in the workplace of the future. Change is good and remains one of the few predictable things in business today.  Despite all this change, however, there were also many constants for Polycom and our customers in 2016 such as our commitment to our customers, our dedication to unleashing the power of human collaboration and our passion for innovation. While we are excited to continue to transform as a company, these are the steadfast values that will never change.


In 2016, these values were not lost on the industry analysts covering our company’s technologies and solutions.




Why do these things matter? They are tangible proof that even in a year full of change that Polycom continues to focus on providing customers with innovative video and content collaboration solutions that make a real impact.

As we move into 2017, Polycom’s focus in these areas will not waver. This year you will see us continue to innovate, execute and deliver solutions that focus on improving both the experience and the productivity of our customers. And, while some aspect of change is always inevitable, once again, the industry analysts will be relied upon for guidance, market direction and, hopefully, the continued recognition of a focus on innovation, which has been part of our DNA since our first days as a company. 


Here’s to a great 2017.


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