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Mom-to-be Shaina Horka

Polycom Executive Experience Centers (EEC) are spread across nine locations around the globe. The team who runs these immersive centers are just as spread out, with some of them not even living in the same city as the center. But just because they aren’t in the same city doesn’t mean they haven’t built strong and meaningful relationships.


Recently, the team hosted a surprise baby shower for one of their own, Virginia-based Shaina Horka.


But this baby shower wasn't like any that you've ever attended.


With a team dispersed across the globe, they came together—in spite of time differences and distance—all thanks to the power of video. Shaina, the mom-to-be, is based out of Herndon, Virginia, while many of her colleagues are either traveling across the country to meet with customers, traveling abroad for summer vacation, or work from home in remote locations.


One colleague was on vacation in Israel, while another is working abroad as part of Remote Year and dialed in from Serbia. Teams were gathered in San Jose, Austin and New York City at their local EECs while others joined from their remote offices.


“With the power of video, we were able to bring together so many people from around the world for this special occasion,” said EEC Events and Customer Engagement Manager Annie Habermann.


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The power of video affects more than just collaboration. Without video, moments like this wouldn’t be possible. This type of bond between colleagues near and far rely on that ‘face-to-face’ interaction that only video can provide. Video allows teams across the globe to connect with each other on a professional and personal level so that they can get together and make great things and celebrate life’s special moments.


“As a remote worker, I feel like I miss out on celebrations that happen in the office,” said Annie. “Being a manager, it’s important to me to build meaningful relationships with my direct reports—being able to plan a shower and ‘attend’ from 3,000 miles away builds camaraderie within my team, and brings other departments together to commemorate big life moments.”


In what ways has video helped you connect and create special moments with colleagues?


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