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There I was, about to deliver the first big work presentation of my life to our CMO on the current state of our social program. All I could think was: “Public Speaking 101 did not prepare me for the sweaty palms and sudden stutter I developed 10 minutes before the presentation!“  Fast forward 4 years and I give these presentations on a daily basis.  Remembering the anxiety from the first one makes me laugh now, and I know I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with such high-level leaders so early in my career, thanks to my Polycom Internship.


I was offered (and quickly accepted) the opportunity to speak about my Polycom internship experience with our group of 2014 summer interns during their orientation this summer.


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What is the Polycom Internship Experience?



  • Polycom’s Internship Program is not just about giving interns busy work. We give them real insight into our industry, our company, our products and our unique culture through meaningful work at a more senior level than most other programs. I think the best part of a Polycom internship is using our technology and the products we build – second only to working with people around the country and the world on a daily basis. How awesome is that?!


  • Our executives are also very passionate about the program. Our Founder, our CEO and other executives always spend time with the interns – we’re a big company, but small enough for the interns to meet our top executives!  Our leaders understand the value of the unique experiences and perspectives that interns bring to our teams.


Our interns are very well integrated within their teams and have real deliverables. Managers provide challenging work assignments with a focus on solving customer challenges and on-the-job learning.


I joined Polycom in 2010 as a Corporate Communications Intern in our San Jose office.  My summer experience included exposure to diverse global teams and the range of responsibilities definitely prepared me for the working world more than many of my friends and peers, and I am not alone in thinking this; over the last five years, nearly all of our interns have reported gaining more from their internship at Polycom than they expected.   


If you’re just looking to spend the summer doing busy or easy work, a Polycom internship is not for you! Ours is a hands-on internship. It’s challenging and you’ll learn a lot! I was thrilled to receive a full-time job offer at the end of my summer program and I am equally thrilled to get to know and work with this year’s “class” of interns. 


Check out this video on the life of a Polycom Intern, which that was created by our great group of summer 2013 interns.



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