Bob Knauf
Polycom Employee

When you are flipping channels watching your favorite TV program you may not consider what has gone into bringing that story to life.  From casting the perfect actors to finding the right locations to filming to the editing and creating those 44 minutes of entertainment, every second of everyday is accounted for until the show goes on the air.  Polycom plays an important role in the development of some the biggest TV shows currently in production.


I have been working closely with TV and movie productions all over the globe for the past eight years and one production that I am incredibly honored to be a part of is The Good Wife.  King Size Productions led by Robert and Michelle King are power users of Polycom collaboration solutions. 


The story of the Good Wife production is similar to so many productions that film in one city but continue to write and edit in Los Angeles, CA.  In this case, The Good Wife films in Brooklyn while all writing and post-production happens in LA.   King Size Productions uses Polycom in every aspect of the production of the award-winning legal and social drama. 


Take a look at the King Size Productions story and learn a bit more about how The Good Wife defies distance with Polycom solutions.



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Also, please listen in to my interview that was done in preparation for the Digital Media Wire 2014 conference.


The Interview was conducted by Clark Buckner from TechnologyAdvice.com (they provide expert comparisons on the best employee engagement software, innovative training games, enterprise communication platforms and much more). Also be sure to check out their Tech Conferences calendar.



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