Chris Jones
Polycom Employee

unspecified.jpgHaving been in the industry for quite some time, I’ve had the opportunity to attend many sales and partner conferences.  TEAM Polycom 2016 is the best I’ve had the opportunity to experience.  The energy, excitement, and collaboration that exist with our partners and our sales teams is second to none.  Over 1,500 people came to Nashville to hear our vision and strategy, and after three amazing days, all left ready to take market share!


The keynotes helped drive a common theme throughout the conference: Polycom’s Vision to Unleash the Power of Human Collaboration.  Mega-trends in the industry are driving unprecedented demand for our solutions such as:


  • Millennials are entering the workforce at a staggering paceall demanding technology that allows them to collaborate and make decisions as a group
  • Workplaces around the world are gearing more towards huddle spaces and small rooms
  • Mobile devices are now outnumbering the number of people on the planet


All of this was reinforced by Ira Weinstein, an industry leading analyst from Wainhouse Research, who discussed how customers are looking for solutions that help drive business outcomes. This is something that we all need to focus on to be successful. Collaboration is no longer about video communication, pixels, speeds and feeds, but about changing how people drive outcomes in their businesses, how doctors practice medicine, how teachers teach, and how a vice president of HR can interview more people and attract more talent with less expense.


rp-trio-01.gifIt was also great to see the excitement around our new solutions.  While we all expected Polycom RealPresence Trio to be a hit, I was amazed at the number of solution partners that were demonstrating how to integrate RealPresence Trio into unique workflows.


Polycom RealPresence Centro had rock star status! Everyone wanted to sit in a RealPresence Centro meeting and experience it!  There were discussions around how to use RealPresence Centro that we haven’t even discussed yet!


After seeing the opportunity around Polycom RealPresence Debut and how it could open new markets, one partner told me that they could sell thousands… per month!


It really is our time to Change the Game!

The on-demand webcast about Polycom's new breakthrough solutions is available for replay. Watch it now.

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