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1.pngIt’s the saying on the cross-stitch picture in your mom’s kitchen and the welcome mat at your neighbor’s door: home is where the heart is. Online vacation rental marketplace HomeAway wouldn’t have it any other way. As experts in creating perfect ambiances—anyone in the world can rent amazing homes in the heart of their favorite destinations—they also understand the operational excellence it takes to create the stellar experiences they give their million-plus customers.


One way this innovative company is taking their workplace to the next generation is with innovative collaboration solutions like Polycom® RealPresence Centro™. HomeAway’s Director of Global Technology Dave O’Rourke was looking for new ways to drive efficiency on a day-to-day basis and foster collaboration. A collaborative environment is what keeps the ideas rolling, the teams creating and their customers happy. RealPresence Centro was the missing link in their collaboration strategy.


2.pngPolycom nailed every single piece that I was looking for, and device that you could roll around and collaborate with instantly,” said O’Rourke


“My first experience using Centro was unique,” said Kyle Hogan, HomeAway’s Audio Visual Specialist.

 “It was different from any other system I’d used.”


Find out how HomeAway is using Polycom RealPresence Centro and why they’re this week’s champion customer in the video below.



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