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Imagine that it is 2:30 on a Friday afternoon, and you are on a conference call with an important client and colleagues across the country, racing to finalize a project by the end of the work day. Suddenly, Mr. Loudmouth, in the next cubicle, is bellowing out his plans for a “totally awesome” weekend with his friends.


Only a few years ago this would have meant that you apologize profusely, hang up your phone and move to a meeting room to re-dial and resume your conversation with a now frustrated group of colleagues and clients. At moments like these, don’t you wish there was a technology to block out those annoying, embarrassing interruptions from your busy day? Well, now there is.


Polycom’s Acoustic Fence™ mounts an invisible sound barrier even where walls do not exist. It is designed for today’s open office environments, and keeps your audio conference on track by blocking out background noise. It works exclusively with Polycom VVX™ business media phones. With the Acoustic Fence, callers hear only you and your participants’ voices – not distracting background voices or sounds.


Whether you are calling from your cubicle, your home office, using a handset or headset, the acoustic challenge facing your telephone is unique to that environment at that moment. The Polycom Acoustic Fence technology evaluates surrounding audio and performs noise cancellation during any given call by capturing sounds from inside the virtual fence while blocking those from outside, enabling unparalleled audio collaboration.


This boundary is created using multiple microphones that listen to sounds originating outside of your meeting space; the Acoustic Fence uses sophisticated algorithms to remove non-speaker noises from the encoded audio stream. Put simply? It cancels them out. Having great quality audio is critical for a seamless phone call, which, in turn is critical for effective business communications. At Polycom, we continue to innovate with new technologies to meet the needs of all workplace dynamics and teleconferencing environments


While it’s great for enhancing communication in any VVX call, Acoustic Fence is particularly helpful if you work in a call center environment. It also works wonders if you are on a conference call in a busy office - or conducting a video seminar from a locale where there is a considerable amount of noisy background activity.

If you have VVX phones with UCS 5.3 or later software, you already have Polycom’s Acoustic Fence. Try it out today.


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