gng-event-2.jpgOne of the things I love best about being on the internal communications team at Polycom is getting to regularly hear about ways that our technology is being used to make a real difference in the lives of people around the world. Most recently, Global Nomads Group (GNG)—a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international dialogue by partnering with educators around the world—used our facilities in New York City to host a special reunion event in honor of the 20-year anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide.


Not only did the April event mark the 20th anniversary of the genocide, it was also the anniversary of a special video conference GNG hosted 10 years ago, connecting Rwanda Genocide survivors with American students to share their experiences. GNG brought several of the American and Rwandan participants from that original video conference to their New York City headquarters to meet in person during the anniversary event. One of those participants—Alline Kabbatende, an electrical/telecom engineer currently working for the Rwanda Development board—shared her experience in Ed Tech Digest.


In addition to the reunion event, GNG managed a video conference series for several American middle and high schools, allowing them to hear from Americans who were working in Rwanda at the time as well as a genocide survivor. The series was held over Polycom video collaboration solutions.

GNG regularly connects students virtually worldwide to foster dialogue and understanding. Using live interactive video conferencing, webcasts, social networking, participatory filmmaking, and other media tools, GNG creates opportunities for local, regional and global collaboration and communication. In its 16-year history, GNG has conducted programs in more than 50 countries on all seven continents, and reached more than one million young people.

It is so inspiring to see video technology used in such an influential way, literally shaping and influencing the opinions and viewpoints of an entire generation.

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