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At 2 AM, your phone rings. “London Office” flashes on your smartphone screen. It must be important since the call made it through your phone’s Do Not Disturb function. You answer the phone and quietly sneak into your office so you don’t wake the kids. The President of sales is supposed to deliver an important presentation to the EU sales team but the video system is refusing to connect to the network. You spend the next hour figuring out what equipment is at the site, troubleshooting and figuring out the root cause from multiple manufacturers. Finally, the London office determines that the network switch is to blame and grateful it hadn’t caught on fire. The meeting goes off without a hitch but the stress caused to you and your team makes you realize it is time for a change.


First step is acknowledging the problem


Standardizing your equipment gives you the control you need so your employees are empowered problem solvers. Determining what type of equipment is located in each office wastes precious time and causes extra frustration for your employees as well as the employees you are supporting. Spending time searching the vast help desk database is tedious and with all of the miniscule differences in your equipment it is just too hard to maintain. With one set of standard equipment, you can create an efficient help desk. You may have to wake up when your daughter gets scared of monsters in her closet at 2 AM, but giving your employees the tools to solve problems will mitigate these after-hours calls.


Creating a plan


You have a lot to manage, so where do you start? Pick the most technically disparate area within your organization. After that phone call this morning, the video conference rooms have proven to have multiple pieces and parts. Understand the variances you currently have in equipment, what has been most reliable with highest user adoption and how it integrates into your organization. You may need equipment to integrate into your existing infrastructure but want to make sure it is future-proof as your network may change in a few years. Maybe your company sees the value of migrating to Microsoft Office365 for a cloud based strategy and need hardware that integrates and simplifies your users workflow. You need solutions you can centrally manage that are simple for even your toughest user to understand.


The perfect solution


It’s no easProject Reality - Medialign.jpgy task to get the right system for every conference room, but RealPresence Medialign provides an all-in-one solution in four different configurations to meet your needs. Adding RealPresence Medialign to your conference rooms provides consistency to your users while standardizing the technology you’ve already come to know and love with RealPresence Group Series video conferencing. RealPresence Group Series provides native interoperability with Skype for Business/Lync and has the broadest integration of any video systems so you can rest assured everything will work together.



RealPresence Medialign provides everything you need for one room: speakers, displays, video conferencing capabilities, touch control, hands-free camera technology and superior audio capture and delivery. You may be worried about having to install these systems in some of your remote locations with less technical support, but with a patented no-tools installation you can literally send these anywhere. No technical knowledge required. Next time a user calls into the help desk, they can quickly start troubleshooting the problem without trying to figure out what equipment the site is using. Employees throughout the organization will be familiar with the technology and will minimize their calls into the help desk.     


Empower your employees with tools they need to problem solve to keep your organization running at peak performance – without losing sleep at night.

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